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  • Poor Playoff Performances An Opportunity

    To be a good fantasy hockey player you have to follow all levels of hockey, watch injury reports, keep up-to-date on line combinations and most importantly know how to use your opponents' personal feelings to benefit your trade offers. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the Vancouver Canucks poor playoffs.

    For the second straight season and on the same day exactly one year apart, the Chicago Blackhawks knocked the Vancouver Canucks out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the second round. If you have any Canuck fans in your hockey pool now is the time to strike, as they may be so bitter about the playoff exit that you may be able to get their Vancouver players at less then market value.

    Roberto Luongo has proven to be an elite goalie during the regular season as his stats are among the league best each season. During the last five seasons Luongo has averaged 69 games played with 38 wins and more than five shutouts a season. However, Luongo has yet to take a team past the second round of the playoffs and his play this post-season was so inconsistent that fans never knew which Luongo would show up. Luongo will remain a great regular season goalie, however his Olympic gold medal won't be enough to move him into the Martin Brodeur or Patrick Roy level as a clutch goaltender in big games. Luongo's fantasy value is at the lowest it will ever be, so make a move now.

    Alexandre Burrows has progressively increased his numbers during the last four seasons. He took his play to the next level this season with career year in goals (35) and points (67), as he showed that he could be a top-scoring winger in the NHL. However, Burrows disappeared these playoffs, scoring just three goals, two of which were empty net goals, and that is not the production you want from a 35-goal man. With Burrows locked up for the next four seasons now is the time to make a pitch for him. Burrows showed he can play with the Sedin twins and should break the 40-goal mark next season.

    The other team to capitalize on is the Washington Capitals as they left the playoffs a lot sooner than many predicted and a lot of that is because players such as Alexander Semin and Mike Green failed to score at the same pace as they did in the regular season.

    Semin, who averages 35 to 40 goals a season, didn't score a single goal during this year's playoffs. In fact, Semin hasn't score a playoff goal in either of the last two series he has played in. We all know what Montreal goaltender Jaroslav Halak has done these playoffs but goalscorers need to find ways to score and Semin had 44 shots during the seven-game series with Montreal without a single goal.

    Take a look at Mike Green, who is one of the top offensive defencemen in the NHL, if not the best. Most defencemen average a point every one or two games, but during the last two seasons Green has averaged more than one point per game. He is putting up elite numbers for defencemen but only during the regular season. Green has led the NHL in goals scored by a defencemen for the last three seasons, but during the last two playoffs he has just one goal in 21 games.

    Now is the time to make a move on these players as their value may be lower due to poor playoffs and their fantasy owners' bitterness over early playoff exits. Don't wait too long to make offers because once the bitterness is gone and thoughts turn to next season the players' true value will return.
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