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  • The Closest Thing To Being An NHL GM (First column written for The Star Phoenix)

    Itís that time of year again where hockey fans start to salivate at the thought of a new NHL season. The NHL Entry Draft is over, free agency saw many players changing teams and now training camps are just around the corner. Like most hockey fans you are probably in some sort of hockey pool and we at Fantasy Hockey Coach want to help you do the best job you can. We offer free rankings and columns as well we have a 180 page Pool Guide that you can purchase for $3, so come check us out at

    There are two main types of hockey pools (keeper and one-year). Keeper hockey pools are pools that allow you to select a certain number of players from your roster to keep heading into a new season and then you will draft the rest of your roster. One-year pools are pools where you draft a new roster every single year. Lets take a quick look at the different scoring options for hockey pools:

    Rotisserie: You receive points based on how you rank in the selected scoring categories. For example, if your were in a pool with 10 teams and you finished with 1st in goals, 4th in assists and 10th in wins your scoring would be 10 points for goals, 6 points for assists and 1 point for wins.

    Points-Based: You receive points based on the accumulation of pre-determined points for each scoring category. For example, if you reward 2 points for each goal, 1 point for each assist, 2 points for each win and 2 points for a shutout then you use those values against what the stats of the players you drafted to determine your total.

    Head-to-Head: Your fantasy team competes against another fantasy team in your pool for a predetermined time frame, usually a week (Monday-Sunday) and based on how your team does in the scoring categories determines how what scoring record you get. For example, if you beat your opponent in goals and wins, lost to your opponent in assists and tied for shutouts you would have a scoring record of 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie.

    Now that the basics are out of the way the sky is the limit as to how close you want to have your fantasy hockey pool replicate being an NHL GM. Your pool can be as simple as who you draft is who you have all season long, so there is no trades or free agent signings. More complicate pools involve free agent signings, waiver wires, mid-season drafts, injury reserves and trades. Aside from winning your pool, trades can be the most fun and exciting part of your hockey pool. There is nothing like pulling a trade where you know you just stole a bunch of players from your opponent; on the flip side there is nothing lower then making a trade and realizing that you just got burnt. The keys to any trade is to make sure you get the best player in the deal and to always trade with your head NOT your heart.

    This weekly column will help you in making decisions regarding your fantasy hockey team, next week we will look at the top 10 forwards, defensemen and goalies that you should target for your fantasy drafts. If you are looking for a website to run your hockey pool stats, we at Fantasy Hockey Coach highly recommend Fantrax is a free service and has all of the options you may need for your hockey pool. Good luck this fantasy hockey season and remember that second place is first loser.

    NOTES: The Canucks made some big moves this off-season trying to shore up their powerplay by signing Mathieu Schneider and trading for Christian Ehrhoff. Schneider wonít play every game this season but will run the 1st powerplay unit and can be counted on for 30+ points in 60 games. Ehrhoff will line up on the 2nd powerplay unit and will have plenty of opportunity to bounce up to the top spot because Sami Salo and Schneider will miss a bunch of games. Meanwhile it took a phone call from Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis to convince Alex Tanguay to sign with Tampa Bay. Tanguay is loaded with offensive ability but has not been able to show the same scoring consistency that he had in Colorado. If he can land on the 1st line with Lecavalier and St. Louis then 80 points is a strong possibility.
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