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  • The Press Box June 13,2012

    NHL Entry Draft
    With the season now officially over it is time to shift the focus towards the entry draft.
    FHC prospect guru Dave Dickenson has updated our mock draft. In case you missed it, here is the Mock Draft 2.0
    Other great sources for the entry draft include NHL Mock Draft which also contains profiles, team pages, rankings and more.
    The Hockey Writers 2012 NHL Entry Draft: The Next Ones is a comprehensive spot full of contributions from the writing team with bios, team analysis, mock draft and more.

    Ryan Nugent Hopkins will join the Oilers at the Entry draft as they own the first overall selection again this year.

    Trade Draft Rumors
    There are as many or more trades made in the NHL during the draft as there are at the trade deadline. With such little depth available via free agency expect a lot of trade activity between now and the June 22 Entry draft. There are a lot of teams with holes and GM's who are unhappy with their teams. While all the GM's are together for the draft expect some movement. Players who may be on the move include Rick Nash, Roberto Luongo, Luke Schenn, JVR, Alex Radulov, Justin Schultz, Patrick Kane, Jordan Staal, Derek Roy, and who knows who else! Players of this caliber will surely have a fantasy impact so stay tuned here and in the War Room for the fantasy impact of NHL trades as they happen.

    Tim Thomas
    Is the Bruins goalie seriously taking a year off and planning on coming back to fulfill the final year of his contract? Yes goalies a "different" and Thomas is no exception but is there an ulterior motive in play? It has been suggested the Bruins have attempted to trade Thomas and he is trying to block a deal. Bryan Doherty post Tim Thomas - Whats up at Bruins life takes a closer look at the Thomas scenario.

    Martin Brodeur
    Yesterday I mused that Brodeur is a UFA July first and with the Devils financial situation could Brodeur sign on another team? Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said on Tuesday that Brodeur will be a devil for as long as he wants to be. Seldom if ever has Lamoriello been so forth coming about his intentions with contract negotiations.

    FHC prospect Report
    Are you in a deep fantasy hockey dynasty league? Do you know who the next wave of future NHL stars are? Are you looking for a sleeper prospect for your fantasy draft that will blow your friends away? Make sure you pick up the Fantasy Hockey Coach Prospect Report

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