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  • Where would you send Zach Parise and/or Ryan Suter if you controlled their destiny?

    http://www.fantasyhockeycoach.comIf you could control the destiny of either Zach Parise or Ryan Suter and you could sign them to a reasonable deal to any team, other than one you cheer for, where would it be?

    I think Zach Parise with the Minnesota Wild would be good for the city, the league and a lot of players' fantasy appeal. Mikko Koivu would get a great winger. Devin Setoguchi's stock would rise and Dany Heatley could be moved to the second line where he may have a better chance at keeping up with the play.

    COACH BROUWER: I agree with Coach Perry I would love to see Parise play in Minnesota. It's something special for a player to play for his home team. He would put the Wild into contendership. If Ryan Suter can't go to my favourite team the Detroit Red Wings, then I want him to stay with the Nashville Predators. The Preds have had to watch their top players walk away for more money, it would be nice to see Suter stay with his original team.

    COACH DICKENSON: I would tend to agree with Coaches Perry and Brouwer that Minnesota are the best options for the two players, given the Wilds' good young roster, recent strong drafting, cap space, money to spend, rabid fan base and need of brand name faces to get their crowd excited. Parise wants to be the man, and this fits, both have cottages in the state and are from the state or in Suter's case the neighbouring state... too easy a choice.

    On a quick contrary though, I would also list Carolina. While Eric Staal is the face of the franchise the team is improving, adding Jordan Staal, and players are really taking a liking to the area and being a member of that organization. Parise would be the co-main event with the Staals there, and allow them to both play centre with good wingers. Suter would add a little stability to a young defensive corps and heck, Cam Ward when not hurt is still an elite goaltender, whose played in the Stanley Cup final and brought the cup home.

    ASSISTANT COACH LANDRY: If I could choose Ryan Suterís fate, I would have to put him in Tampa Bay. The potential of seeing Suter sauce the puck over onto Steven Stamkos stick would make for a deadly powerplay and would finally give Tampa an elite puck-handling d-man in which they havenít seen for years. It would be quite difficult to convince the Lightningís brass to allow the money long-term to Suter.

    ASSISTANT COACH ROCCA: Too many people agreeing on too many things! Zach Parise would look fantastic with the St. Louis Blues on the top line beside David Backes. St. Louis is a strong up-and-comer in the Western Conference and would provide Parise a solid group of core players to line up with.

    As for Suter, the Edmonton Oilers would absolutely love to shell out big bucks for a defender of his ilk. With boatloads of mind-blasting offensive talent up front, one of the key pieces missing to the Oilers making that next step towards the post-season is a dominant defender on the blueline. Suter would be the indisputable No. 1 guy and could flourish sending breakout passes to the likes of Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, Nugent-Hopkins and the rest of the Oilers young guns.

    ASSISTANT COACH IVANCIC: While I'd love for Suter to end up with a high-end team like Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, I probably be most excited to see him sign in Edmonton. I would love to see how those young offensive talents would blossom with an elite defenseman making superb outlet passes and making life easier on the likes of Hall, Eberle, RNH and Yakupov. They would be an explosive team!

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      Assistant Coach Guthe -
      I am a New Jersey Devils fan so obviously I would like to keep Zach Parise. I honestly do think it would be the fit for him since he saw how good the Devils can be as a franchise. If Ilya Kovalchuk had been in his usual health maybe they could have won. In any case, the Minnesota Wild are attractive to him since it would be his homestate team. In terms of hockey, I think it would be an awful fit. The situation in net for the Wild is murky at best since Niklas Backstrom has really regressed in the last few years, Harding seems to always get hurt and the young goalie prospects aren't ready yet. I feel that Mikko Koivu could fit really nicely with Parise but not Heatley. Plus from Parise's view, the Wild are certainly not as good of a hockey team as the Devils at this point even if they added him. He has spent enough frustrating seasons in New Jersey, if he goes to Minnesota it will be for the personal meaning (and allegedly the money).

      Suter is interesting too. I think he'd be a great fit in Detroit even if you can never really replace a Nicklas Lidstrom, he would have the opportunity to really be a featured player of their retooling process. The coaching style fits his game and since the two-way defender with pop is never going to be a Mike Green/Erik Karlsson type of producer, it would make sense for both parties.
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