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  • Where will Shane Doan play next year other then Phoenix?

    http://www.fantasyhockeycoach.comOther than in Phoenix, where could Shane Doan sign that would give him the most fantasy appeal next year?

    COACH PERRY: A lot of people would probably lean towards a return to the Winnipeg Jets to play opposite Evander Kane. Some think a fit with the Anaheim Ducks, especially if Bobby Ryan moves on, would boost his numbers and reunite him with Teemu Selanne. However, I think playing with the San Jose Sharks would be the best fit. He'd bring some grit to the line-up and with Ryan Clowe playing beneath him and Joe Thornton beside him other teams would be helpless. I believe he stays with the Phoenix Coyotes, but a trip to San Jose would bring the best numbers out of Shane Doan.

    COACH BROUWER: I see two possibilities here. First would be the Chicago Blackhawks as Captain Jonathan Toews is lobbying very hard to convince Doan to play there. I think he would be a great fit there. He would provide scoring from the wing and add leadership without changing team dynamics. The other possibility I see is with the Vancouver Canucks. Imagine a rugged, power forward like Doan playing on the top line with the Twins. Think Anson Carter but better! Not only would he provide scoring, but his leadership would be the biggest asset to a Canucks team that needs to win now.

    COACH DICKENSON: This is a 50-50 here... Doan loves Arizona and doesn't want to go anywhere, but he also realizes the shaky ownership situation, possible relocation and the realistic point of view that he'll never stand a chance to win a cup as a member of the Coyotes. If the cup argument wins out I see Doan making a run to Hockey Town and joining the Red Wings, but more than likely he stays in Phoenix. If relocation rears it's ugly head, I can see him finding another location in the southwest, possibly Colorado or Anaheim to finish out his career while still keeping a home in Arizona.

    ASSISTANT COACH LANDRY: I would have to believe that Shane Doan would see the greatest rise in fantasy value signing with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Doan is a nitty-gritty forward who will do anything possible to put the puck in the net and with Crosby or Malkin blasting shots from all over the ice, Doan will have any and every opportunity to pot the garbage home. He would stand to benefit largely on the powerplay while moving from a team ranked 29th in success rate to a team that placed fifth while playing the majority of the year without arguable the teamís best player, and potentially the NHLís greatest talent.

    ASSISTANT COACH ROCCA: My first instinct is to say Chicago primarily because who wouldn't want to play with Jonathan Toews and the powerhouse Blackhawks? But we've already covered that off and as much as a return to Winnipeg would be nice, I don't see that happening. Doan only played one full season in Winnipeg before the Jets shipped out for the desert. The Toronto Maple Leafs could use a good veteran leader up front and with some of the younger talent coming through their pipeline, they could be poised to jump up the standings and push for a playoff spot in 2011-12. The caveat being they need to find a goaltender. One last possibility - the New York Rangers. Marian Gaborik is out for an extended period and if the Blueshirts strike out (again) in the Rick Nash sweepstakes, Glen Sather will be looking to add some scoring punch and size up front. With Tortorella and the Rangers poised for another strong season, Doan could be lured by the temptation of a Broadway Stanley Cup run.

    ASSISTANT COACH IVANCIC: I wouldn't be surprised to see Doan in Toronto or Detroit. Brian Burke is looking to improve his team and he could use some more help up front, in terms of veteran leadership and grit. Detroit could use some wingers who can score and have toughness, especially after losing to a hard-working Nashville team this year.

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      Assistant Coach Guthe -
      If he is not back in Phoenix, I can see Shane Doan join a team that gives him a better chance to win the Stanley Cup. It is true that the Coyotes did make it to the Western Conference Finals but they were outclassed in many areas of play by the Los Angeles Kings. The only team I can see him joining in the "non-perennial contender" category is the Winnipeg Jets purely because it is the city that drafted him and he knows how much love there likely would be for him in Winnipeg. Another factor could be a team with a long history like the Maple Leafs or Canadiens. However the desire to win my trump the want to be part of a long line of history at this point for Doan. The teams I would take my best guess at him joining are (in no particular order): Phoenix, Winnipeg, Detroit or the New York Rangers.
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