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  • What chronic fantasy underachiever are you going to avoid?

    http://www.fantasyhockeycoach.comWhat chronic fantasy underachiever are you going to avoid like the plague on draft day regardless of where he signs on July 1st? Filip Kuba, Dustin Penner, Brad Boyes, or Alex Semin.

    Personally, I'd have to bet on Penner. I am not convinced Semin resigns in the NHL and if he does people already know to pray for 70, but expect 30 points from him. Boyes has a chance to thrive depending where he ends up and has only been hampered by injury and team "fit" of late. Kuba is a close second because of his age and because he probably won't be lining-up across from Erik Karlsson again. Penner has routinely underachieved in Edmonton and LA before finding himself during the spotlight of a Stanley Cup run.Too familiar for my liking.

    COACH BROUWER: I am so fed up with Semin. I made the big move last off-season to acquire him in my keeper league, costing me John Tavares. I was banking on him to grow after that fantastic start in the 2009-10 season when he scored 18 goals and 30 points in the first 25 games, thats a 60 goal and 98 point season. The only way and I mean only way I would consider drafting Semin again is if he signs with the Detroit Red Wings. Detroit has a way of getting the best out of problem players. If Semin signs anywhere then Detroit stay away.

    COACH DICKENSON: All four of these players sprout red flags as far as I'm concerned. However, when choosing one, I'd avoid Brad Boyes more than any of the other players. He has topped out his point totals and is only on the way down right now. What you saw is what you get, and it's debatable whether he's a top six player anymore, or if any teams will have a spot in the top six for him to fill. I'm expecting a decrease in minutes, decrease in points and him to continue his mediocre output considering he was once quite highly though of when drafted and as a young prospect.

    ASSISTANT COACH LANDRY: Personally, I would take a chance on all four of these guys if they end up in the perfect scenario. If Filip Kuba finds his way onto the Stars, Lightning, Wild or Rangers backend, he’ll have potential to take a spot on the top powerplay and cumulate many assists. If Boyes or Penner are lucky enough to stumble onto one of the top two lines in Pittsburgh, they’ll have every opportunity to rejuvenate their respective careers while taking passes from two of the league’s best. Like the others, Semin is a constant underachiever but he has tremendous talent if he can ever find the drive to challenge himself on a night-to-night basis. He won’t be playing big minutes next to Ovechkin, Backstrom or the other talents in Washington, but it can almost be assured that he will be lined up next to a talented playmaking center and his quick release will cause problems around the league for another year.

    ASSISTANT COACH IVANCIC: As good as he was in the playoffs this year, I can't help but feel that Penner will be in for another disappointing and frustrating year. A leopard can't change their spots, as they say, and Penner has had more frustrating times in his career than good ones. Count me out on him.
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      Assistant Coach Guthe -
      For me Alex Semin still has promise despite the injuries and billboard-sized character question marks that surround him. Filip Kuba is best served in a system where he can feed off of other talented players. He is not a catalyst on his own by any means at this point in his career but with other strong producers, he could put up modest point totals. Dustin Penner had a strong second half and playoffs. Penner has the ability to score with his big frame and strength. Penner, like Semin you know what you are getting: good potential but streaky production.

      The one player I would definitely stay away from is Brad Boyes. It seems that his career is tailing off quicker than it should be. He has a lot to prove after a dismal season and at 30 he is hitting the point where he is too old for a rebuilding team. At the same time, Boyes' poor numbers last season do not justify a contender throwing a big contract, even short-term his way. He could still produce good numbers and is worth a buy-low but he is an odd fit on many teams.
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