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  • Top Five Tweets from #HockeyPlayerSexpositions (NSFW)

    #HockeyPlayerSexPositions was trending on twitter and here is the best of the best

    5. @RochaSLB7 Dangle it one way, then bury it the other way with a soft touch - The Pavel Datsyuk

    4. @dmantweets Going deeper and deeper until she chokes -The Roberto Luongo

    3. @mattchewtill Sneaking op and hitting it hard from behind - The Todd Bertuzzi (AKA Donkey Punch)

    2. @sjgoodnow Anything with a lot of biting - The Alex burrows

    1. @Ardi_inmyPants Not paying for the ride and beating her up after - The Patrick Kane

    Honorable mention to
    M ‏@dmtt10
    #HockeyPlayerSexPositions - The Oglethorpe - when you bang the last girl on the pinwheel of the Icetravaganza

    And my own contributions

    Grab your Hakan Loob put on a Tie Domi and throw it in her Curtis Brown

    Putting your Mike Peca in her Kari Takko, even if it is a little Joe Reekie and Jason Wooley
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