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    So what does the average free agent forward from this year look like?

    Well he has just signed a contract for two and a half years, worth $8,379,000 in total with an Annual Average Value (AAV) of $2,142,038. Over the last three years he has played in an average of just over 63 games potted 10 goals and 25 assists.

    Before I get too deep there are two quick points that need reiteration. One, these numbers don't include Sidney Crosby's mammoth deal, Jordan Staal or any player who didn't hit the open market. This is simply free market analysis.

    Two, there has also been a lot of talk about how players salary doesn't affect the average fan, and while I agree with that, it does affect many fantasy players in deep cap leagues. Some of these guys are paid by their teams for their defensive roles on a team, to fill a specific need or for locker room leadership. While these things are all vital to an NHL teams success they don't affect the stat line for your fantasy team. However, in some leagues the player costs you the same amount.

    To begin with I will take a look at the players whose new contacts could hurt you the most.

    The MVP of forwards being overpaid for production in the 2012 Free Agency so far is George Parros. Parros will be taking his average of three goals a year to Florida for a two-year deal worth $926,000. If he continues his three-year trend of four points a season he will be paid $231,000 per point. That is more per point than all but five of the 18 defensemen who signed contracts as free agents this year. Interestingly his ice time could go up in Florida and if you are in a league that heavily rewards penalty minutes or fights he could be worth keeping on your radar.

    Next up is Zenon Konopka who signed with the Minnesota Wild. He is being paid for his face-off ability and fighting. Over the past three years he averaged two goals and four assists. That comes to $146,052 per point.

    Adam Burish signed a four-year deal with San Jose. He has only played an average of 47 games over the last three years so his average of 12 points is a little low. However, he is still earning $145,945 per point.

    Next up is another player whose numbers are also skewed. Zach Parise will make $7,538,461 a year. Due to various injuries he has only averaged 58 games a year. You have to assume that he will average more than the 52 points a year that he has averaged. Interestingly, this gives him a .89 points per game average which translated to 73 points a season. Even is he increases on that in Minnesota he'd still be earning a whopping $103,000 per point scored.

    Brandon Prust got paid from Montreal the dollars the Rangers wouldn't give him. His new salary combined with his average production earns him $125,000 per point.

    So lets say you are in a league like I mentioned. You have a salary cap and the players actual salaries are reflected in your fantasy realm. Are you looking for the best bang for your buck? What if I told you it was a talented player who is going to be lining-up with some top-end talent in a situation to succeed. Nice right. What if I added that you could probably nab him for next to nothing? Too good to be true. Well if the GM with this player's rights doesn't read this column you could be in luck.

    One of the best bargains of free agency, although it is a gamble, goes shockingly to the New York Islanders. Brad Boyes has averaged 40 points a year. Additionally those three years were the worst of his career. Brad Boyes has had as many as 43 goals in a season and will be going to a team that is loaded with offensive weapons and is just aching to breakout.

    So you are thinking, "Enough already. I am sold." Well it gets better. His new deal combined with his average 40 points a year gives the Islander (and potentially your fantasy team) an even $25,000 per point. If he can replicate his average points from his best three year average he would earn $16,129 per point for his 62 points. That makes him just slightly more valuble than Jordan Eberle's $15,249 per point.

    Other forwards that are signed to deals that give decent productivity per dollar paid over the last three years include.

    Arron Asham at $58,823. per point, Colby Armstrong earning $54,454 per point, Brad Staubitz at $58,593 and Alexei Ponikarovsky at $55,102 per point if their three year averages hold up.

    A few other guys to keep in mind are Benoit Pouliot with his average of 30 points a year coming out to $60,000 per point, Mikael Samuelsson and his 44 points equalling $67,164 per point and if Guillaume Latendresse is healthy you have to think he will net more than 18 points. If he can sneak up to 40 points on the Senators second line he'll make $32,250 per point and even if he stays course with 18 points he makes $68,181 per point.

    Finally, the much maligned Olli Jokinen has still managed to net 55 points a year. There is every reason to think that average will hold true giving him an average of $81,818.18 per point.

    I hope you found some valuable information here. Do you have a question about a certain player who just signed a deal? Ask it in the comments.
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