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  • What To Do When You Miss Out On The Guy You Want

    He did it again didnít he. The guy right before you in the draft took the player you were eyeing. Now you are scrambling hoping to make a decent recovery pick.

    Or perhaps you thought a guy would slide back to you in the next round only to see him snatched up two picks later.

    OK, it isnít the end of the world. Luckily you decided to buy the FHCís Hockey Pool Playbook. This hockey pool guide contains all the write-ups, data and information you need to recover in situations like this. It will enable you find sleepers, identify potential busts and even find bargain bin replacements for big name guys.

    Just to prove my point here are three examples (Note this is looking at redraft leagues only).

    You wanted: Phil Kessel.

    The fantasy owner right before you took the Leafís leading scorer to add to her roster. OK, so if you are a Leaf fan I canít help you there. There isnít a "bargain bin" Leaf player to fill-in for Kessel on your fantasy team. You could argue for Lupul seeing as he should be directly tied to Kesselís success.

    However, you can probably take another ďstarĒ player this round and grab Mikko Koivu a round or two later.

    3 year avg.GPGAPtsPIMSOG
    Phil Kessel7833346722306
    Mikko Koivu6917425943189

    Unless you are in a league that rewards Shots on Goal you will find Koivu to be an adequate replacement for Kessel in every regard. If he stays healthy the addition of Parise should lift Koivu past Kessel in points. Our fantasy guide projects Kessel to 79 games played and 71 points. We still arenít convinced that Koivu can stay healthy a whole season, but that doesnít stop us from rating him just one point behind Kessel.

    You wanted: Drew Doughty

    His strong Stanley Cup Playoffs have you dreaming of more. In a redraft league though you can probably get equal value at a later round by drafting Mark Streit.

    3 Year Avg.GPGAPtsPPGPIM+/-SOG
    Drew Doughty7812334566410150
    Mark Streit8293948647-14168

    Outside of Plus/Minus Doughty has been equalled at almost every column for the past three years by Streit. As a matter of fact our projections in the Fantasy Hockey Guide actually give the yearly edge to Doughty for this upcoming season by only four points.

    You wanted Carey Price

    So you are a Habs fan that wanted their backstop on your fantasy team only to see him go just before you by a Bruin's fan as a spite pick. Your best revenge on missing out on Price? Take the best player available in this round and stick it to him by grabbing Kari Lehtonen. Priceís potential to breakout is much higher.

    Carey Price68675322892.65
    Kari Lehtonen64644332382.44

    Price will undoubtedly start more games next year, but that is the only area he has dominated. Over that time Lehtonen boasts more wins, goals against average and is only averaging one shutout less per season. Based on this data and the advice from our team of experts we project the sole difference between the two next year will be three more shutouts for Price with each goaltender winning 31 games. Sure Lehtonen seems to come with a bigger injury risk, but if you missed out on Price or just hate the idea of drafting a Hab . . . he is a decent replacement.

    If this interests be sure to purchase your Hockey Pool Playbook as soon as possible or even better become a Season Ticket Holder.
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