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  • August 24th, 2012

    Evander Kane Asks for Trade
    Evander Kane has been receiving heavy criticism in Winnipeg this season from fans. Rumors of him skipping out on dinner tabs at local restaurants, that the concussion he suffered was the result of a bar fight, not a hockey injury are fueling such criticism. Kane was also rumored to be unhappy and requested a trade, and he has been benched at times by head coach Claude Noel. All rumors and may not be true, but when there is smoke…
    Today, Julie Stewart-Binks of CTV poured some gasoline on the fire and blew up Twitter with this Tweet...

    Julie Stewart-Binks ‏@JSB_CTV

    According to inside sources, Evander Kane has asked for a trade for a trade from the Winnipeg Jets. Wants to be face of franchise...

    Earlier in the summer, the Jets made Kane what I thought was a very reasonable offer of $29 million for six years, of which he has yet to sign.

    If the rumors are true, 29 teams will be lining up to try to acquire Kane from the Jets.

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    By Peter Harling
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    1. Coach Perry's Avatar
      Coach Perry -
      I am guessing you can make that 28 teams. If he wants to be the face of a franchise Edmonton isn't the spot for him!
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