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  • Burrows will be Around for Another Four

    The Vancouver Canucks have re-signed Alexandre Burrows to a four-year contract extension.

    Burrows has leveled out where his stats should be, which is a 30-goal and 50-point player. The 2009-10 season was an anomaly when he scored 35 goals and 67 points.

    On any other team Burrows would be a third line player, however with Vancouver he has shown strong chemistry with the Sedin twins and with Ryan Kesler, which allows him to be able to play on either scoring line.

    Burrows is a solid option in hockey pools that rewards goals more than assists and especially in pools where goals and PIMs are counted. Burrows has scored 26 or more goals in the last four seasons.

    Canuck fans, donít be drafting Burrows too early, remember he is a 50 point player and draft accordingly.

    Coach Aaron Brouwer
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