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  • The Press Box October 17, 2012

    One on One With Dougie Hamilton
    Niagara Ice Dogs franchise defender Dougie Hamilton could possibly be beginning his pro career as a member of the Boston Bruins if it were not for the NHL lockout.

    Recently I had the chance to sit down and go one on one with the Bruins top prospect and discuss his future in the NHL, OHL and World Jr's.

    Peter Harling: You were pretty close to making the Bruins out of camp last year, and a lot of people think you would be playing there now if it were not for the lockout. What were your expectations for yourself going into this season under the assumption that there would be NHL hockey?

    Dougie Hamilton: I think after last year and this summer it's my goal was to make the Bruins and I have worked hard for that opportunity. It's a little bit disappointing that it didn't get to happen, but at the same time I am happy to be here and working hard and getting better and hopefully the season can start soon and I will have these games helping me out for when I get there.

    PH: You and Brett Ritchie are on the NHL recall list and Ryan Strome as well. Have you heard anything from the Bruins about what they plan to do with you should the NHL comeback?

    DH: They will bring me to camp and I don't really know from there. I gotta go there and do my best and work my hardest to crack the roster. It is something I dreaming about and working hard towards.

    PH: Should you be recalled and the Bruins hold off on you for another year, would you have to come back to the OHL, or could you play for Providence?

    DH: I would be back in the OHL, but to be honest I have not really thought about that. Right now for me to go there and make the team and that is all I think about. I don't really want to come back here I want to make it as soon as I can and start my dream.

    PH: Well it's not like you are playing for a bad team here in Niagara, while you are here and there is no NHL, what are your goals for yourself should you spend the whole season here?

    DH: I don't really set goals for myself. Just try to do my best and play my best. I think just going into games with mindset. I don't really set point totals. I guess a lot of guys say that but I really don't do it. I just go with the flow and see what happens.

    PH: Are you eligible for the Canadian Jr. team this year?

    DH: Yeah

    PH: Are you looking forward to potentially playing for them?

    DH: Yeah, every time you get a chance to represent your country is pretty special feeling. I got to do it last year with my brother (Freddie Hamilton) and a couple of teammates in Canada so that was definitely the highlight of my career so far. It was a little unfortunate we didn't win Gold but, I think it was pretty exciting to be able to do that and to be able to do it again this year would be pretty fun too.

    PH: What would you do if the NHL returned on time for a season and you made the team, then the Canadian World Jr Team called to invite you and the Bruins said it was your call. What would you do?

    DH: Play in the NHL.

    PH: You don't feel like you have unfinished business there after last years finish?

    DH: My goal is to play in the NHL. I think it is pretty tough to give up your spot after you make it.

    PH: Good call. I had a chance to speak recently with Connor McDavid about the nice initiation to the OHL you gave him and got his take on it, what's yours?

    DH: I saw him there and I gave him a little push and he fell down. Nothing really to it.

    PH: Thank you very much for your time

    DH: Alright, thank you.

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