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  • We’re the jilted ex-girlfriend in this scenario

    Views from My Parents Basement (Fantasy Humour)

    Ok… this is the cue to start playing Taylor Swift’s “We are never, ever, getting back together!”

    Everyone has seen that dysfunctional relationship moment in movies, TV or real life where a guy breaks a girl’s heart and screws her over and then begs for forgiveness and despite putting up a faux fight, you know they’ll go back to them… and then they actually do. That is exactly what is going on with hockey fans right now.

    As much as I get frustrated with those relationship moments as an observer or being part of the whole picture, I hate to admit it, but I’m that girl and the NHL is that guy right now and I’m sure it’s the same for all of you. I find myself thinking , “but I still love it,” “maybe the NHL can change?” and “I’m sure if we got back together this would never happen again! (well, at least not for 8-10 years).” All that’s missing from the scenario is uncontrollable fits of ugly crying, repeatedly watching Dirty Dancing and Bridget Jones Diary (or in my case the ’72 Summit Series) and eating ice cream out of a carton, while wearing my oversized novelty slippers and warm and comfy jammies.

    The more I think about it, the more I resent it all. We’re being made the needy girlfriend in the scenario and that’s just not right. I mean c’mon there has to be other fish in the sea right? The OHL was pretty cute… err… good, this season, the QMJHL was looking better than ever! And what about the AHL? Remember Justin Schultz and the rest of the young core? They were looking good!... ahhh, but (sob, sob) I… love the NHL! I just love it so much! Where are my friends to coddle me and keep telling me “You’re too good for the NHL!” Or that “the NHL is a jerk!”?

    I know I’m one in the same… I’ve publicly said they’re going to have to work to get my love of the game back and I’ve said I’m not overly enthused they’re back for a shortened season, but I’m not misguided enough to pretend that I won’t ever be back. I love the game and my Edmonton Oilers and while I may not be happy with how things have shook down over the past six months, I still want to see the game played at the highest level and my Oilers get back to prominence… so I’ll be back.

    The bottom line is our relationship with the NHL will be just fine, most of the fans will be back, it won’t be smooth sailing for a while, but the simplest way to win back our hearts and have us cooing over them again is to just do what they do best and play hockey and put a good product on the ice. We’re not asking for much and when we get the fever of the NHL playoffs and surprise run or a memorable moment and we’ll all remember why we fell in love with it in the first place.

    Coach Dave Dickenson

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