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  • NHL Fantasy: Top Fantasy Players of the Month

    The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the most popular fantasy hockey pools. It is among the most adrenaline rush-packed forms of sports in the world. There are several ways to participate in all the craze and fun surrounding the sport, and one such way, is by a wager on hockey. A great way to do so is through, which is among the best sports books available to fans and others interested in the game.

    The selected fantasy players of the month are the top creators of great game statistics and scores, defining the character of each team. Let us take a look at some of the month’s top fantasy players.

    A current favourite among the star players for this year is Sidney Crosby. Crosby sure is an asset to the Pittsburgh Penguins. According to, Crosby’s statistics currently stand at about 230 goals (G) out of the 450 games played (GP). His game-winning goals (GWG) currently stand at 28. His ESPN projected goals for this season are GP - 48 and G – 21.

    Our second favorite, Evgeni Malkin, also comes from the Pittsburgh Penguins with career statistics not very much behind Crosby. Malkin’s GP is 443, with the number of goals scored at 211. His ESPN projection for the season is GP – 48 and G – 9. Currently, the Hart Trophy winner, Malkin over the last week, averaged more than 4 shots per game. His current rank is number 4.

    Pavel Datsyuk from the Detroit Red Wings is not at all very far behind. His career statistics at present stand at: GP – 747 and G – 248, with ESPN projections at GP – 47, G – 25. During Tuesday’s (February 19) game, he scored his fifth consecutive game with a goal.

    Some of the other favorites of the game include Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks, who fared pretty well during the February 19 game against Chicago. Sedin, during the game, scored a goal as well as an assist. His statistics are a little less impressive when compared to some of the others, with 874 - GP and 284 - G. ESPN projects his statistics for the season at: 48 - GP and 16 – G.

    This season is showing a lot of promise and excitement for all fans interested in participating in the NHL fantasy hockey mania.
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