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  • Sundays Arent For Praying Theyre For Outsmarting Opponents

    By Dave Dickenson
    Sometimes no matter how good your team is on paper, you may need that leg up on your opponent to eek out a victory for your week and avoid the embarrassment of losing to a far lesser fantasy hockey player.
    Fantasy hockey is a game after all a game, which players put up stats and sometimes players get on hot streaks and that if that guy plays for your opponent and not your team it can really screw with your mojo.
    Teams which are far inferior can steal wins, teams which are better can be clinging on at the end of the week trying to hold onto a victory all while you curse up a storm, and hold off on the most fun part of it all the trash talk since youre within a whisper of losing to this fertada.
    Over the years Ive started looking at various stats to help me avoid this from happening and the biggest thing Ive learned to help you avoid some of these narrow defeats is to have a lock down on the Sunday games in your head-to-heads.
    At the beginning of the year I try to grab players with a healthy set of games on Sundays, but more importantly I look at each weeks schedule ahead of time to figure out the teams playing on Sunday, where a mid-week waiver wire pickup could result in being the difference maker in your matchup and ensuring youre not being ridiculed by your buddies for losing to your pools certified fertada.
    A couple years ago it was the Los Angeles Kings, who ruled the roost with Sunday games almost throughout the entire season, but the new scheduling had changed matters to a more evened out system.
    Being the lazy creatures we are we know someone is going to just type in who has the most Sunday games in the NHL in 2013-14 with no avail trust me I tried it so instead of actually doing the math yourself, Ive given you the tried and true format which got most of us through the monotonous series of lame homework assignments in high school heres the answer for you to copy.
    Those looking for that tie-breaker edge at the end of the week would be best off with players from Chicago first off as they have 14 Sunday games throughout the season meaning 14 weeks in your pool you may have a chance to steal some points on the last day. Sure youd love to have Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith or Marian Hossa on those days, but dont sleep on the Brandon Saad, Nick Leddy, Andrew Shaw or Marcus Krugers of the world, since their stats will still give you a last second bump on your stats as well.
    Following up Chicago on the Sunday games chart is the New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks with 13 Sunday games apiece this season, while Washington has 12 Sunday games, Anaheim, Florida, Edmonton and Detroit all have 11 Sunday games apiece and Winnipeg boasts 10 Sunday games on the schedule all for your to exploit and put your friends back into their rightful place below you in the standings.

    Heres a quick chart, which should help you out.

    Teams with the most Sunday games on the NHL schedule
    Chicago Blackhawks 14
    Vancouver Canucks 13
    New York Rangers 13
    Washington Capitals 12
    Detroit Red Wings 11
    Edmonton Oilers 11
    Florida Panthers 11
    Anaheim Ducks 11
    Winnipeg Jets 10
    Dallas Stars 9
    Ottawa Senators 9
    Minnesota Wild 9
    Nashville Predators 8
    San Jose Sharks 8
    Tampa Bay Lightning 8
    Colorado Avalanche 8
    Buffalo Sabres 8
    Carolina Hurricanes 8
    New Jersey Devils 7
    New York Islanders 7
    St. Louis Blues 7
    Pittsburgh Penguins 7
    Philadelphia Flyers 7
    Columbus Blue Jackets 6
    Boston Bruins 6
    Calgary Flames 5
    Montreal Canadiens 5
    Toronto Maple Leafs 5
    Los Angeles Kings 4
    Phoenix Coyotes 3
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