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    by Published on 12-01-2012 13:13

    It was another exciting week in the AHL. With the NHL negotiations appearing to be going nowhere a few more players arrived in the AHL. Perhaps most noticeably Stephen Gionta of the New Jersey Devils.

    November Wrap-up

    Jordan Eberle, OKC 13gp, 10-11-21
    Justin Schultz,
    by Published on 11-18-2012 20:26

    Before we begin things here, just a reminder to temper your analysis of players potential based on success, or lack there of in the American Hockey League. The league is a much different entity than the NHL and especially during a lock-out future stars will be asked to work on specifics of their game that may not show up on the stat sheet and future role players could explode offensively.
    by Published on 11-06-2012 10:03
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    It was another exciting week in the American Hockey League last week. There was a plethora of future and current NHL stars making their mark by way of records, awards and unfortunately injuries. As always I want to remind you that any success for failure at the AHL level, especially this season, should not have any great bearing on your perspective of these players future fantasy careers. They are being asked to work on specific things and may look better or worse than they will actually pan out being in game situations at the NHL level. ...
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    By Matt Perry

    Each year I like to mix my second favorite holiday with my second favorite activity (I think you can guess my favorite in each of the aforementioned lists). However, today I will ignore the scariest fact (that there is no hockey) and proceed despite the fact I ...
    Published on 10-21-2012 14:42
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    by Matt Perry

    There has been very little positive to report from the NHL lockout this season. In my opinion one very important inclusion in the last offer made to the players could be the most important aspect of the negotiations. Sadly it may not achieve a resolution much sooner, but it paves the way for hockey to grow leaps and bounds.

    To start off we need to set the stage. One thing that the average hockey fan forgets about until these negotiations come around is that every NHL team is simply a franchise of the same entity in different cities across North America. The NHL is no different from McDonald's or Walmart. Sure you may feel a little different in a McDonald`s in Montreal than in Edmonton or a Walmart in New York as opposed to Phoenix. However, they strive for similarities and are all bound by a set of rules and standards that makes them part of a chain.

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