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    So, by now I am sure you have downloaded our Playoff Guide. If not, go do so know and we can talk in June after you take all your friends money. However, perhaps you want even more of an edge. Well, just in case I have pulled together a summary of the hottest players heading into the Stanley Cup playoffs. I have removed players from teams that are no longer relevant in this year's playoff run.

    As you can see there are some surprises there, Malkin isn't one of them as he as been the hottest player in the league this season. However, you will notice Richards, Ennis and Krejci has all outperformed their season averages.

    One or the reason's for this has been different players finding their stroke on the power play.

    The top three are very surprising and any of them could maintain similar production in the playoffs. Alex Pietrangelo could be the most valuable of the three as he is a defenseman.

    Finally, here is a chart where have highlighted some players you will want to do some extra research in while preparing for your NHL playoff draft. Some are very obvious (Crosby, Malkin) and a few may play on teams that don't even crack the playoffs. However, it is valuable to know who is putting up numbers heading into the playoffs. Defensemen are in green and players who outperformed their season averages are in yellow.

    What do you think? Who are your playoff targets?
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      Coach Perry -
      Also, I would be remiss if I didn't bring to your attention that James Neal has been in BEAST-MODE since Crosby came back.
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