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  • What will the Vancouver Canucks do about Roberto Luongo?

    What will the Vancouver Canucks do about Roberto Luongo, trade him or keep him? If they trade him, to whom, and for what?

    Coach Perry: I do not believe that the Canucks will enter into next season with a goalie controversy. Luongo has probably worn out his welcome in Vancouver. People have already mentioned Tampa Bay, Toronto, and Columbus as potential destinations. The problem with Tampa's Lecavalier for Luongo is that Vancouver really doesn't need Lecavalier eating up their cap space. I believe they would prefer to move him for less return, but more cap flexibility. The Leafs are a prime candidate with Burke fighting for his job and Nonis already having traded for Bobby Lou once. Personally, I think people are undervaluing Florida's faith in their current and future net minders and I don't believe Columbus can afford him. The other scenario is someone blows the Canucks away with an offer for Schneider, whose value has never been higher. Crazier things have happened in the NHL. If someone like the Oilers came knocking with something as good as first overall it could make for an interesting summer.

    Coach Dickenson: Well this is a serious game of what if, because depending on a numbers of scenarios there’s a ton of things which could happen. Alain Vigneault seems steadfast in ushering in the Cory Schneider era after giving him the start in game 3, however there’s talk Vigneault could bolt for the Habs. There’s not room in town for the both of them and the situation feels like it’s finally come to a head. Given Luongo’s contract he’s going to be tough to move, but if he presses for a trade then he’s the easy out. If they can’t rid themselves of Luongo and his big contract, Schneider would fetch a pretty penny and with Eddie Lack ready for his apprenticeship in the NHL he’d fetch a key piece which could put them in a good position for another Stanley Cup run. If I had to guess, I think Luongo’s going to be the odd man out and control his own future sending him to either the Panthers or Lightning for a first round draft pick and a roster player with a semi-significant contract… say a Ryan Malone or Scottie Upshall. This is the ultimate crap shoot.

    Coach Brouwer: Luongo needs to be traded. The Canucks seem to play with more confidence in front of Cory Schneider. Luongo will want to go to a team that is contending and two teams come to mind: the New Jersey Devils, or the Tampa Bay Lightning. Lightning are the best fit as he would be very close to family and the Canucks could use a guy like Ryan Malone. Trading Luongo for proven depth and size should free up cap space to go after a big free agent. Shea Weber, or Ryan Suter would look great in a Canucks uniform

    Coach Harling: When Corey Schneider took over in the crease for Luongo in game four, that sent the message that he had surpassed Luongo as the teams starting goalie immediately and going forward. With the size and length of Luongo's contract, and his no trade clause moving him will be challenging and will not provide a bountiful return. With his history in Florida and the need for a starting goalie in Tampa bay perhaps there is a fit there. Salary would need to come out of Tampa to make cap room so potentially Ryan Malone, or Mattias Ohlund would be the compensation.

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