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CBA update

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Just a quick CBA update;

There have been informal meetings that took place last weekend, no new meetings are scheduled. And the NHLPA is trying to take legal action to block the lockout in the provinces of Alberta and Quebec. The move could be considered the first punch if you will in what could be an ugly lock out if it is proceeded, which is expected at this point.

A personal take on this is that I am not convinced a lock out is avoidable, and further then that is that I can see opening night missed. And if the NHL and NHLPA decide to go to war from Saturday onward we could be talking about half a season being missed. It happened with the NBA in the fall of 2011, there is no reason to think the NHL cannot or will not follow it up with something similar.

I do not think this lock out had to happen, the NHL and NHLPA were in no rush to get to the bargaining table. They should have had more time to discuss things but they stalled and now the fans of the sport have to suffer with the consequences again just like 2004-2005 but only hopefully not an entire season again. Honestly I would be shocked if we lost the entire 2012-2013 season, especially with the way the league has been gaining popularity, which is why I am disappointed and somewhat shocked that the league is in this position.
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  1. Coach Pharling's Avatar
    Kevin I feel exactly the same way. I find it unacceptable that the NHL and NHLPA waited until only recently to initiate discussions. After some brutally hard lessons learned and a lot of lost money from the 2005 lock out I was sure the league and union would work together to ensure that never happened again. In fact i was completely expecting that shortly after the playoffs ended the league would announce triumphantly that they have already struck a new agreement a while ago and were waiting for the right moment to break the news.
    I guess I was living in a dream world, and unfortunately I am waking up to this fracking nightmare!
  2. Blogger Gesterling's Avatar
    It is indeed a nightmare. I thought with the league releasing the National TV Schedule recently that maybe there was hope. Now depending on what happens after the lock out starts on Saturday it could be a late start to the season. I am still optimistic to have a season, but not a full one. We'll see though, this is definitely not what the league needs now.