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Locked Out. So now what?

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Now that the NHL lock out is official, what are you plans to kill the time during the proceedings? Do you plan on continuing to support the NHL after the lock out is over?

Personally, I will take this time to play through NHL 13's GM connected mode on PS3 while I wait for the NHL to finally hit the ice. I would love to see AHL or CHL games but none are usually on TV and the leagues charge a boatload to watch them online legally. So I guess I will be without live hockey unless NHL Network or NBC Sports Network here in the US carries one of those two leagues games.

Canadian fans are lucky though, because they have the CHL which gets solid coverage, whereas where I am there is no CHL games outside of one or two here and there on NHL Network which is usually during the Memorial Cup. The AHL is not carried nationally in the States on a regular basis either, in fact the NHL Network also plays a few games a season for that league on Sunday afternoons. The AHL Calder Cup Finals was actually carried by CBS Sports Network. So that is two possible options for the AHL and one option for the CHL to fill the void in the NHL's absence here in America.

So I pose this question to Canadian and American hockey fans alike, how do you plan on surviving the lock out? And what recourse will be taken if a season is lost completely do to this labor dispute?


  1. Coach Pharling's Avatar
    I plan on submersing myself into the OHL, as I have media credential for the Kingston Frontenacs. With no NHL there should be several elite prospects returning to the CHL, including Alex Galchenyuk, Mark Sheifele, Dougie Hamilton and many more.

    I also hope to locate software that will allow FHC to host either, or both a CHL fantasy hockey league, and a AHL fantasy hockey league.

    Stay tuned for more...