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The lock out is now officially effecting the fans of the NHL.

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Fellow Hockey Fans,

I think we can all agree that this NHL Lock out is now effecting us, the fans. To bring it to you in a better context, it is effecting us now more so today than it did when it was officially put into effect a little less than 4 weeks ago. Because today would have been game day in 8 markets, in all four time zones and in both the USA and Canada. Rivalry games like the Bruins-Flyers and Canucks-Flames would have been on the slate, but today we sit here hoping for some good news in regards to the NHL lock out. And while games from October 10-24 have been cancelled already, another block of games is probably soon to follow.

At the time of this writing the NHL and NHLPA appear to have made some progress on the secondary issues while they remain far apart on the main issues. It isn't hard to imagine, for me anyway, the NHL playing this season. But that can only happen if both sides are committed to the process, and so far I don't see full commitment from either side which is scary.

Firstly the NHL side seems committed to airing the dirty laundry in the open, which is counter productive in many ways none of which I need to go over since it is pretty common knowledge.

Secondly on the NHLPA side, I feel that if the NHLPA was as committed to getting something done in a fast and timely manner like they made it out to seem, then having their players choose to play in other leagues overseas would be an extreme contradiction of what they publicly tried to present.

On both sides of the coin their is a certain level of frustration on my end, not that it makes a difference as to how the fans feel to these owners and players despite the public apologies for missing the first couple weeks of the season already. If they really cared we would have a deal by now instead of having them not meet for almost two weeks like what happened.

Listen I don't want to come here and rip the league, by tonight I am beyond frustrated with the men in charge of the NHL and NHLPA, because tonight we should all be watching the NHL openers, but instead we're here wondering if the 2012-2013 NHL season will even have an opener. And if so, when?
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