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NHL Lockout Appears primed to drag on.

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Size:  22.7 KBComing into Thursday there was a sense of hope for NHL fans, the NHL made an offer on Tuesday which seemed like it was a start of what could be potentially season saving negotiations. What transpired on Thursday was the exact opposite, not only were the NHLPA's counter offers rejected, but they were pretty much laughed at by the NHL.

While no details have yet to be told about the players various offers (there were 3 different proposals) unlike when the NHL laid out their offer publicly which came off to some as a publicity stunt and when you look at it, the NHL was still asking for the players to take a 7% cut from the 57% of Hockey Related Revenue as they had previously been making down to 50%, but also it was a step in the right direction. So we thought, even with that offer the players would be out of $1.6 Billion from the 6 year offer according to Donald Fehr, who if you think of it never proved as much, and to complicate things even more so is that Fehr seems to have no idea what exactly Hockey Related Revenue is. So how can the fans take that seriously. Also how can you negotiate this long without a firm idea of what it is? Isn't that counter productive? With that said, does anyone have any idea what exactly HRR consists of? I am really starting to wonder. To me it seems like a phrase thrown out there out of no where just to have something to bicker over.

When this whole lock out began a little over a month ago I had a hope this season would be played even if it is an abbreviated one. Now you have to wonder, can these guys get their acts together before we have a repeat of 2004-2005? It still doesn't make any sense in my eyes that the owners insist on having this lock out, did they not learn from 2004-2005? Granted the fans came back, some right away and some over time, but when your sport is finally back on solid ground it seems foolish to me that they would put that on the line. Do they want the fans to be mad at them? Is that it?

This lock out is horrible PR for the league, and if fans stay away for good this time, who'd blame them? I certainly can't. As a fan myself I will come back, not to support the owners or the players, but rather the sport of hockey. Sure there are other ways of doing that, I understand there is the AHL, NCAA, and CHL around. But the AHL charges a lot of their internet package to watch games, the NCAA doesn't really have much media to watch outside of national coverage on NBC Sports Network and sparingly on CBS Sports Network. The AHL has no consistent hockey coverage in the USA on any national channel.

So if you are a die hard hockey fan in the United States your options are very limited, especially if you live in a city like Providence which has no AHL coverage at all outside of a NHL Network game late in the season. The NCAA gets local coverage once in a blue moon but it is nothing like the NHL or AHL in terms of skill. The CHL is showing a few games on NHL Network so that has been good, but again the overall amount of coverage is weak.

So who really loses out? The hockey fans in the USA. Outside of Chicago anyway, they get a lot of Chicago Wolves broadcasts.

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  1. kbooks's Avatar
    I think the season is slipping away and serious damage is being done to hockey as a serious professional sport. Another lost season will result in serious fan support drop off in the weaker market cities and some of these teams may never recover. Bettman is killing NHL hockey.
  2. Blogger Gesterling's Avatar
    I would have agreed a couple days ago, however it seems more encouraging now with the recent talks and happenings. But Gary Bettman is flat out ruining hockey, I can't believe a word he says anymore. That isn't to say that he was ever believable but even more so now.

    Even if the season restarts I have to wonder if fans will return. Until this past weekend I was praying they would just lock the season out already just because it is drags on any longer it will make having a season pointless.

    I will post another blog within the next day or two about the Winter Classic cancellation and recent discussions.