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Free Fantasy Hockey Pool Guide

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We here at Fantasy Hockey Coach are very excited that the NHL lockout is over, which means fantasy hockey is back. Every year we produce a Hockey Pool Guide that is call the Fantasy Hockey Pool Playbook.

Our site here is a hobby for all of our writers as we all have other jobs and we write for the FHC when we can because we love fantasy hockey and enjoy writing about it.

Due to time constraints we are unable to update the 2012-13 FHC Hockey Pool Playbook and therefore would like to offer it for free along with the updated predicted stats for a 48-game schedule. We realize that most hockey pool drafts are completed but we believe that there is still great info in our pool guide that can help you throughout the upcoming season.

Click here for the 2012-13 FHC Playbook and click here for the Shortened Season Predicted Stats.

For anyone who purchased the 2012-13 FHC Playbook please email us at [email protected] with a copy of your paypal receipt and you will receive the 2013-14 FHC Playbook for free (August 2013).

If you have any fantasy hockey related questions be sure to get on our messageboards and ask away.

Be sure to check out our 2012 FHC Prospects guide, which can be purchased here.

Good luck this upcoming season.