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Say again, who'd you trade Kessel for?

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Who watched that second period? Tyler Seguin scores two goals, nets two assists and makes the Leafs look more and more foolish.

Tampa Bay was doing nothing wrong in that period. Standing back and letting the Lightning get to them.

After allowing a first period goal late with six seconds left I really didn't think that the Bruins would come out like this. I don't understand why Roloson is still in this game however, I think he should be given some rest. A goalie change sometimes makes all the difference in the world to give your goalie some time to reflect. Look at the effect on Roberto Luongo after Cory Schneider started game six.

What an exciting finish! Roloson was pulled as I had expected, and Mike Smith surprisingly held the fort even though he had little to nothing to do in the 3rd. I'm not entirely surprised that the Bolts almost caught the B's because that's what Julien teams do best. I'm not a 100 percent happy with play being allowed to continue with Thomas' mask being knocked off (albeit by his own d-man), especially with the puck going in off his noggin and giving him a bleeding forehead.

Game three in Tampa Bay is going to be a doozy, and very exciting. Catch me tomorrow when I'll be musing about the Vancouver game.

Who the heck envisioned a high scoring game between Boston and Tampa?

Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Coach Pharling's Avatar
    One good game. I am still glad Leafs made the Kessel Deal. Remember while Burke new it would be a good pick he did not think it would be second overall. Most hockey "experts" had the Leafs finishing higher in the standings that year. Some even in the playoffs! Seguin is going to be a great player no question. Kessel is great too though.
  2. Devilsfanatic's Avatar
    And now he's a Stanley Cup Champion. Kessel will immediately regret asking for a trade now. Not smart.