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Remarkable end of a remarkable playoff

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Boy, that Timmy Thomas sure is something, isn't he?

I was lucky enough to take in game five of the series between Boston and Tampa Bay and see Thomas make the save of the playoffs to preserve the victory for the B's. In the finals, he was a remarkable 4-3 however, he only allowed eight goals in that span, while the Bruins provided 22. Seems like a series that SHOULD have been over in four games, Boston's physicality was just too much for the Canucks to handle. He is one of the most likeable athletes in a day and age when most athletes seem reprehensible.

For Vancouver, this will be the series that got away. A series, in which they were in complete control until Aaron Rome foolishly decided to swing the entire series in Boston's favor with an open ice hit that was late on Nathan Horton. Now, whether you agree on the length of suspension, it has to be undeniable that the hit was beneficial for Boston. Horton meant so much to the team after scoring pivotal goals in game seven against the Montreal Canadiens and against the Lightning.

For years, people would debate if Robert Luongo is on Martin Brodeur's level. After being the goalie of record in 2010 for a Gold, the Luongo crowd made more noise, but one thing is clear after watching the former fourth overall pick implode, is that he will never be on Brodeur's level. Brodeur, a three time Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist in 2002 as well as riding shotgun in 2010 has always shrugged off a bad game, and doesn't seem to have the mental stability of a schizophrenic. Luongo would seem godlike one game, and the next would be so embarrassing that it hurt to be a fan of the Canucks.

I must hand it to a Claude Julien led team, they won the Cup, never thought that would happen. I went against the B's every series this year and they proved me wrong time and time again. Ultimately this final will be remembered for the goaltending more than anything else. Where one was outstanding, the other was left watching. And I must say I was looking forward to the handshake to see what would happen between the two and was thrilled at the kind words offered to Luongo by Thomas. After it was all said and done, Thomas gave Luongo his wish and pumped his tires.

Lets just hope the brave men and women of the Vancouver Police Department can bring order and peace to the streets there, seeing pictures and hearing of three deaths rumored leaves a hole in my heart. It's sad that some people resort to this kind of nonsense. At the end of the day, it's only a game. And believe me Canuck fans, even though this will hurt all summer, I've been in your shoes as a fan before, there's always next year, or the year after. Sometimes losing situations like this strengthens a team's resolve. Losing in 2001 in game seven was the most painful experience I have had as a fan, but it was redemption in 2003, so keep hope alive.

Goodnight, and God bless the game of hockey.

-Vishal "Devilsfanatic" Hussain