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Musings - A Diary of a Hockey Fanatic

Musings - A Diary of a Hockey Fanatic

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Welcome to Musings - A Diary of a Hockey Fanatic! As the playoffs go on, we here at FHC hope to engage with our readers with thoughts during the game and see if we can get a discussion going.

Typical first period as far as hockey goes. Vancouver comes out absolutely jacked and gets the powerplays for, throwing the body, and getting pressure on Niemi. The crowd helped for sure, but you have to wonder what Luongo was thinking on the goal. Unless your name is Hextall, Brodeur or Turco, stay in the net.

Bad news for Vancouver fans is that when Joe Thornton scores a goal, his team almost never loses the game in the playoffs. Luongo has to be better, or Vancouver will be in trouble.

Lets see if Vancouver can pot one in the second period.

And has anyone seen Thor? Go do it tomorrow, there's no hockey.

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