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Thread: The News From Around the League Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilzrule27 View Post
    Steigerwald: Ovechkin's mother probably had a mustache cause she played basketball in the 70's so Alex must have taken steroids... yup
    What the hell?

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    The format blows. It's too insular, frankly it's boring, I like the more open approach they have to the playoffs now. Home and homing the entire league is lame as well. Now you play one home date against the rest of the league, but 3 against your division. Still not as bad as the '08 Divisionamania experiment, but not great either.

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    They should have just put all the teams in a pool, and let the owners draft which conference/division they're in at the start of every year. it would be a ratings bonanza.

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    NYP_Brooksie Larry Brooks
    Beyond me how anyone could endorse fighting in NHL (or hockey) in aftermath of John Branch's landmark work in Times on Boogaard.

    Read all three episodes and watched the pretty disgusting interview with Bettman on the NYT site. Would love if someone takes the time to read it and discuss. It's long, though. All three parts is almost 15 newspaper pages.

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    TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
    CAR trades Kaberle to MTL for Spacek, as per @darrendreger.

    Good luck with that Montreal.

    On the Carolina end this may end any chance of them letting Faulk go to the WJC. That would be a blow to the USA.
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    oh man I hope he plays tomorrow

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    Gotta admit, I kicked Kaberle's tires in the summer. Glad Lou never did.
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    One washed up d-man for another. Obviously Muller liked Spacek.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clarkson Falls Down View Post
    One washed up d-man for another. Obviously Muller liked Spacek.

    except Spacek's contract expires after this year and Kaberle has 2 more years lol

    horrible for MTL

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    If you want to dump a stupid contract, call MTL it seems. Wow.

    And Kaberle wearing Habs blue/red will burn leafs fans WAY more than the Bruin sweater did. Although, they got Joe Colborne and a 1st for that piece of garbage

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