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    I really hope Shanny throws the book at Keith. **** like that isn't acceptable in this league. I'm hoping for the rear of the season and the first round of the playoffs.
    I came in peace.

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    Something for Vaxjo and Doom. - new Brian`s SubZero goalie equipment - new Easton Mako sticks

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    Meh, I'm not crazy about those pads. I would be hesitant about those leg straps. I know he mentioned them, but I'm not sure I would like how they feel or be confident that they wouldn't fall off.

    I love my pads. I've never used a glove that I love more than mine. I'm a big fan of the Velocity leg pads but I hated the Velocity glove. The problem with the Vaughn pads is that they are so god damn expensive. I got my leg pads/blocker/glove all custom made for less than what the Velocity 3 legpads cost.

    I don't know if they would let that stick fly in the NHL. Just like they mentioned that it would be tough for goalie to see, I would assume that refs would have a hard time seeing it. It could cause a lot of problems with high sticks, tripping and goal calls.
    aka Tedenby21

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    Hey hey, slow down. haha

    Vaughn are originally made in the US, right?

    Two things that caught my attention:

    - weird leg strap - I want to ask you if other brands use a similar technology (Vaugh, Sherwood, Koho, Bauer, RBK). Many pucks go that way. ANOTHER feature to help the goalie? I also heard Bauer made some crazy pads that will help you with the rebound control. I`m sorry but enough is enough.

    - the feature for a better grip when your hands are sweating (Halak`s request, guess he`s not as cool as we thought )

    As for the stick... didn`t you notice Kovy already used WHITE Warrior sticks? Widow is black/grey so I wonder if it`s a new model or just a modification. And he`s not the only one. NHL, nor goalies apparently doesn`t have a problem with that. I`ve never played goalie myself, but it sounds to me like one of those meaningless discussions about white vs. colorful pads. I dunno...

    I personally don`t like it either (design perspective). I like dark sticks more, nothing can beat Easton Stealth RS.

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    I've never seen that weird leg strap thing before. I've only used leather straps and the snap-fit ones. I've also only used Vaughn and the ones I currently have are Vortek. If you're really interested I can post pictures of my current pads.

    All of those "features" that they talk about are just a way to get people to buy new pads. They don't really make a difference. It's just like in the video you posted how they said that thing that pops up by your knee when you butterfly. That thing isn't going to make a difference at all because your pants are already there

    It looks like Kovy's stick has some black at the bottom though and the graphics on it are more noticeable. Idk, maybe I'm just over-thinking it.
    aka Tedenby21

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    I`m not gonna buy a pair of pads, but yeah, post the pics, I`d like to see them. Why not.

    Probably, I don`t really see a problem there. It`s not like everyone will be using them. Also, in full speed, those graphics are nothing.

    I was trying to find a better picture, but I`m pretty sure they won`t do anything unless a vast majority of goalies come and start complaining about it, which is highly unlikely IMO.

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    I was actually thinking of referees complaining that they can't track the stick, but like I said I'm probably just being over critical.

    Goalie pad pictures incoming.
    aka Tedenby21

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    Well, I`m pretty sure blatant hooking call will remain blatant... and missed.

    Who knows, maybe you`re right. We`ll see.

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    Those are hideous pads.

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