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    “We have tons of money and if we can use our cap space to get high-end free agents, we have a shot to get right back on top. If we’re fortunate in free agency, we won’t have to look at going in another direction. The standard here has always been to chase the Stanley Cup, so as a coach, I’m hoping the free-agent market helps us continue to have those goals.”

    - Mike Babcock -

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    Roberto #Luongo has written a list of four teams to which he would accept to be traded. Details to come.

    Here we go.

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    I really hope it says: Edmonton, Calgary, Minnesota, Colorado

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    Guarantee Tampa is one of them.
    aka Tedenby21

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    Duthie says the report was false.

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    Legitimately surprised Bryce didn't get a Masterton nom.
    Follow my twitters and I'll follow your twitters and we can twitters together all the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilzrule27 View Post
    Legitimately surprised Bryce didn't get a Masterton nom.

    Armstrong is a joke also. Watch him win the GM of the year for bringing Hitchcock in.

    Lidstrom, though, doesn't think the team needs an overhaul to restore its place as an elite team as it was in 2009, when it was a win away from repeating as Stanley Cup champions.

    "Just a couple tweaks," he said.

    The Red Wings are hoping to make a splash this summer in free agency. Kronwall hopes they accomplish the goal by using some of their ample cap space to bring in Ryan Suter and Zach Parise if they chose not to re-sign with their teams.

    "The last three years haven't been great for us, so changes are going to come," Kronwall said. "Two guys like that are elite players. Suter is one of the best D-men in the league. Praise is one of the best forwards in the league and one of the hardest-working guys, so it would be great to add them."

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    That should be a fine, should it not? Any personnel cannot comment on another team's players.....and for those comments, I hope they get neither.

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    i didn't think it went down to the player level. i thought it was okay for a player to say "i'd love to play with so and so".

    that quote is over the line though. blatant sales pitch.

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    I thought no one could comment if you were with the organization. I dunno, I'll have to ask around.

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