Larsson: A New hope.

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    Larsson: A New hope.

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    I kind of want to talk about the people that think Larsson is slow....they have no fucking clue. When this KID figures it out, he will determine the pace of the game. His play, the good and the bad gives me a hard-on that is how good he is.
    He is a machine. He slows the game down is the only time I would use the word slow in a sentence with him.

    It's mind-boggling that he is 19 and has the poise and confidence that he does when he hasn't even scratched the surface of what he is capable of yet.

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    i was listening to the Marek and Puck Daddy podcast and Marek went out of his way to praise Larsson, saying he probably would have gotten rookie of the month but RNH is just putting up spectacular numbers

    i love the kid. probably the only d-man that can execute a crisp breakout pass to start a rush on this middling thing we call a defense. he had a couple real good passes during the Jets game the other night, made me hard in the pants.

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