Brodeur v.s Hedberg

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Thread: Brodeur v.s Hedberg

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    Brodeur v.s Hedberg

    Hey guys, do you ever notice how the team plays better with Hedberg in net? I think we'd be better off starting him EVERY game!

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    I want Broberg! He fist pumps his way to victory.

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    Oh, **** no. He has played better, but I don't understand how it translates into them scoring more goals or playing better defense, considering he's gotten 2 goals total support in his last two games and they played like *** defensively in both of the games.

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    Yeah, but to hear some tell it, they're just better with Moose.

    He's actually a liability. Any time he goes for a skate, I look away lol.

    DR, I like the idea of Broberg lol.

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    Don't **** me off so soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimEIV View Post
    Don't **** me off so soon.
    ROFL. Well, apice isn't here, so this thread might just die sooner than later. I forgot, we actually have the smart ones here now.

    I mean, the last game against MIN, Marty was left high and dry. Some people said the Heatley goal was soft! Do they forget that he had back to back 50 goal seasons? He was fucking killing it for a while. Just unbelievable that Marty gets so much flak from them.

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    Before the heatley goal I would have said otherwise

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    I still think he should have had it he was pretty far out

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    It was a laser snipe, no one was really going to stop that one. Sometimes it happens. Plus, it was 1-1 at that point. The next two goals were just a mindnumbing clusterfuck.

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    if the 3rd goal had went upstairs to toronto they would have magically found that it was a no goal

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