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Thread: OT: The Video Games Thread

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    OT: The Video Games Thread

    Talk about your favorite video games

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    I just realized they are changing Ashley for ME3.

    This is not the racist ***** I fell in love with in ME1. Damn you bioware, why must you continue to ruin everything.
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    She actually looks better. I guess if you wanted her to be a *****, the bun works. Any girl who wears their hair in a bun like that all the time is a grade A *****.

    And holy ****, look at the titties on her.

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    I think they stole those titties right off Miranda.

    But they changed her entire face from ME1. Just doesn't seem right.

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    There's something about her that looks familiar. I dunno, I still see it?

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    i cant wait till finals are over so i can beat skyrim

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilzrule27 View Post
    I guess it's a little different, but there's similarities.

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    But why change here at all. I can understand changing the hair, i guess if she left the alliance or whatever otherwise flowing hair doesnt seem to fit the military background, but why change her face. Why is her face wider, why is her mouth and eyes different shapes ect? Just seems silly.

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    Maybe she died and had to be reconstructed? That happens.

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