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    Quote Originally Posted by jkrdevil View Post
    Mike Cammalleri is missing!!!! He may have been traded mid-game
    You're joking, right? I should know, but I don't, lol.

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    Nah, he's definitely been traded in the middle of a game. Against Boston of all teams. Professional.

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    3-0. Watch Rangers getting back to reality just for the Jan. 31 game. Which I just bought tickets to.

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    Watching the Rangers lose is so satisfying
    aka Tedenby21

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Doom View Post
    Watching the Rangers lose is so satisfying
    I know it's not particularly good for us Ottawa get 2 points, but Rangers losing is such a tender feeling in my soul.

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    I don't know if I could ever find it in my heart to cheer for the Rangers. Just the thought of Rangers fans out there upset that their stupid team lost puts a smile on my face
    aka Tedenby21

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    It's visceral for me. I can't stand them. Of course, I'm not at the moronic Trottier-level of thinking their fans are less good people. Actually, all Rags fans I know are really cool people. But as an organization, I puke at them.

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    I puke on their fans
    aka Tedenby21

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    Anybody else thinks 6th would be a pretty nice spot to get? That would, in all probability, mean to play the winner of the SE division. Let's say you get in 5th, and you get Philly or Ottawa instead.

    OK, this is so premature that it's ridiculous, but I have a feeling the standings right now are kind of getting towards what they will end up like.

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    Clemmer stopped 18 shots and Neal hit both posts, Malkin hit a post, and Kunitz hit the cross bar in the first period.

    Panthers had six SOG.

    0-0 after one.

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