Mattias Tedenby: Larsson's Father

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Thread: Mattias Tedenby: Larsson's Father


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    Mattias Tedenby: Larsson's Father

    I know I'm one of the biggest Tedenby fans out there. Here is a thread for our Mighty Mouse.

    What does everyone think his potential is? What are his positives and negatives?

    Bring up any discussion you want.

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    Positives: dangles
    Negatives: none

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    We have to win this game and that line has to produce so he can stay in the top 6. He is a scorer straight up just hadn't been given a chance

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    I think his potential is a top 6 RW/LW. I would say there is an extremely good chance he reaches his potential. The tools are already there, he just needs to get the mental part to the level of his skills.

    Good shoot

    Defensive zone coverage
    Can turnover the puck more than you would like to see
    He needs to get stronger so that he can protect the puck better and not get knocked off easily

    On a side note, possibly a positive too, his personality gives the team a lot of good energy. He has a great personality and is always joking around. I think this is great for the team because it brings everyone together and lightens the mood sometimes.

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    He just needs to finish on some of the chances but I like what I am seeing so far if we're not including stats.

    I remember this guy named Brian Gionta and he turned out okay.

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    he does remind me a bit of Gionta but with more flash.

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    if he had more lower body strength hed be disgusting. i think in a few years he will dominate

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    Tedenby is excited for the opportunity and noted the successful history Elias and Sykora have had together as linemates.

    “They’re good players, of course,” Tedenby said. “Patty and Skyie together is the A Line, right? I just have to go and play my game. I played with Patty a lot last year and I think we played pretty good together.”

    Tedenby believes he has been making progress in is play.

    “I’ve felt better and better, my legs, lately, so it feels like it’s coming more and more,” Tedenby said.
    Tedenby on what went through his mind while sitting on the bench for most of the third period Saturday: “Stay positive, cheer for the team, pushing the guys.”

    How can you not love this kid?

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    Tedenby and Gionta are not really similar players at all, IMO

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    I would say their only similarity is their size. Beyond that, they are different players.

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