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Thread: Mattias Tedenby: Larsson's Father

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    Yeah I was comparing the two with height.

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    I love everything about his game except for his tendencies to be lazy/off guard when he doesn't have the puck

    I don't know how many of you had the opportunity to go to the rookie camp sesh they opened to the public over the summer in '09, but that was his first camp of any type with us I believe and I've been on his bandwagon since seeing him perform there

    I'd compare him more to a Marty St. Louis, not fully Marty's game, but the similarities in size, speed, agility, dangles, work in the tough areas......I see the Gionta comparison as well but that is only really speed and height IMO, Gio is more of a north/south type player where Tedenby and St. Louis are more east/west

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    if we're talking about comparing size why not just take half of the Canadiens roster. though it might only just reach teddys height when combined.

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