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    nah, theyll be a good team. Johnson and Buehrle along with Hanley (if hes there, which i have to believe he will be), Reyes, Stanton, and LoMo is a good team.

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    Well, it's not like the Mets are going to get in their way. Now there's rumors they want to move Ike Davis. I guess basically they're going to try to dump everyone who actually takes salary to play baseball.

    Although this means I can probably go there and wander around on a nice day for $2 (+ parking and tolls... lol) and go raid the concession stands. That place is a pretty great, shame they got saddled with an inept owner, by the time they're good again, it'll be old.

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    Well, I mean, when they realize that they won't have fans coming anyway they'll trade. Remember when they signed Delgado? They traded him to the Mets by August.

    Reyes will be a Yankee by August.

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    the yankees should just field a whole team of shortstops

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    They're the most athletic so realistically, you could do that and put them in any position on the field and they won't hurt you.

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    In a few years I can see Reyes being a Yankee when the Marlins go under, like they always do, and the opt out clause kicks in on Jeter's contract.

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    He has an opt out clause?

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    Eh, I think they might do okay in Miami. I mean where they played before is an awful location. Same problems the Panthers have. Putting a sports arena/stadium in a place that is INTO a weekday commute is a big mistake. No one is going to stop off on a commute and no one is going to want to come back after getting home like 30 minutes before the start.

    And obvious mass transit isn't an option there, unless you want to fight off psychos and hobos with a stick. I've taken a Dade County bus. It's not for everyone

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    I think the new park will help. But enough to justify this spree? I'm doubtful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilsfanatic View Post
    He has an opt out clause?
    The Yankees do, I believe.

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