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    200M was the offer from STL. Hometown discount is OK in this situation. It's not like they were offering him 150 over 10.

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    Why should he leave 50 million on the table? He did a ton for the Cards franchise, if he wanted to move on then so be it. I mean the Cards are going to a be in bit of a transition. La russa is gone, they barely even made the playoffs last year in an awful division, and ownership likely wasn't going to spend much to continue to improve the team. Seems like as good a time as ever to bolt.

    Granted its nice to see guys show some loyalty but that for the most part is a thing of the past in sports.

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    I'd be ticked if Marty did it, even after three cups at the age of 32. But I'm all for loyalty. Anyway, I guess they're in on Fielder now. It's not fun knowing Toronto used to be a place guys want to go, but I'm glad the Jays stayed away. That price is insane and might bite them in the ***. Especially if he's actually 36.

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    yeah this could be another vlad guerrero signing for the angels.

    Last week I was talking to my brother in law, who is a cardinals fan, and I was saying to him they would be better off going after Prince and just be done with Pujols. He's aging, wanted a ton of money, and a lot of years. Prince is going into his prime and they would be stealing him from a division rival. money better spent in my opinion, long term at least.

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    Probably. I'd like the Jays to sign Fielder, but honestly, if he wants over a five year term with insane dollars, I'm glad we stay out. If he wants 5/180 or something, just as an example. If he wants an insane term like 8 years, I'm out. The most I can handle with him is 5/150 and even that's a big stretch. I don't know his effectiveness in three years. At 5'10 there's no way you should be 275lbs.

    The guy I'm intrigued most with, is Yu Darivsh.

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    a 5'10" 275lbs vegan nonetheless. haha something aint right there.

    that said at least you know his age is correct.

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    Well, he recently became a vegan. That was after stuffing his face full of big-macs.

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    its been like 3 or 4 years. Has he even lost weight? How can one maintain a weight of 275lbs on a diet of leaves and tomatoes?

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    Doesn't make much sense. I think he's lying about being a vegan. Look at how skinny Ethan Suplee is now.

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    He probably just eats a lot of garbage.

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