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Thread: GDT: Senators @ Devils 12/8/11

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    i need to see more fus ro dah kovy rippers

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    The PP was magnificent against the Leafs, but that was just the first two, then it reverted to garbage. It's like they're at practice working on the PP.

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    when they start to figure out that there are other options than going to kovy.. thats when it will work. the key is to not force it to him and kinda let him go unnoticed

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    Quote Originally Posted by guyincognito View Post
    Especially back then when you had to break a stick over someone's head to get called. I mean, I think PP is a little more important now, but it doesn't break you if you have a bad PP..... as long as it doesn't get fucking scored on all the time.

    It's just so odd that they are a really good PK team (some of it is luck obviously, but the forward play is really strong), and then it goes to **** when they add that 5th guy in. Even weird is that they're a dump team so it's not like they're ridiculously overaggressive or anything. They just can't play D with 5 guys. Solve that and they won't be a tweener for the playoffs.
    Ah, those were the days. Scott Stevens could stick an elbow in somebodies face and it was clean.

    PP is definitely way more important. I personally don't think the Hawks were patricularly amazing, but their PP was a joy to watch.

    I'm not sure what the problem is 5v5. In fact it's bizarre. I can't figure out logically why adding a 3rd forward would make them that much worse defensively. Maybe it's something to do with system or forecheck. I don't know. But it's becoming obvious that certain older thinking isn't going to cut it any more. Sorry Lou.
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    I love Skyrim and I had no idea about the fus ro dah meme.

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    Lets do this gents.

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    Preparing the gifs

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    We need every point really badly. Sens played yesterday, hopefully that will avoid a third period meltdown from us.

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    Please let this not be like this

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    Please play well....please.

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