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    Good posts about Teuvo Teravainen. I'm really liking picking him if he is around where we are picking. I'd even say that he could possibly be the most talented forward after Yakupov, Grigorenko, Galchenyuk, and Forsberg.
    aka Tedenby21

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    Updated mock:

    1. Columbus – Yakupov
    2. Montreal – Grigorenko
    3. Edmonton – Murray
    4. Minnesota – Galchenyuk
    5. New York Islanders – Trouba
    6. Toronto – Forsberg
    7. Anaheim – Reinhart
    8. Carolina – Dumba
    9. Tampa Bay – Ceci
    10. Winnipeg – Rielly
    11. Buffalo – Faksa
    12. Washington – Collberg
    13. Calgary – Gaunce
    14. Washington – Maatta
    15. Los Angeles – Girgensons
    16. Phoenix – Pouliot
    17. Dallas – Koekkoek
    18. Ottawa– Aberg
    19. New Jersey – Teravainen
    20. Chicago – Finn
    21. Buffalo – Lindholm
    22. Philadelphia – Skjei
    23. Tampa Bay– Vasilevski
    24. Pittsburgh – Hertl
    25. Florida* – Wilson
    26. San Jose* – Matteau
    27. Boston *– Sissons
    28. Vancouver* – Bystrom
    29. New York Rangers* – Samuelsson
    30. St. Louis* – Matheson

    I could really see Carolina trading down. They are currently in an area just after all the top forward prospects are gone, but there are still top defensive prospects. If I remember correctly Carolina doesn't like taking defensemen in the 1st round. Taking any other forward would be a reach where they are. I don't think I would be surprised if Phoenix trades down either.

    I have a feeling there will be a good amount of trades during the draft this year.
    aka Tedenby21

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    Someone I'd like to see us take in the 2nd round if he is available is Tim Bozon.
    aka Tedenby21

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    This reminds me... I need to know more about potential 2nd/3rd rounders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getzo5 View Post
    This reminds me... I need to know more about potential 2nd/3rd rounders.
    I don't know too much about the 2nd/3rd round. I kind of know some players I'd be happy if we drafted. I couldn't tell you much about them though.
    aka Tedenby21

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    Another guy that would be great in the 2nd/3rd round would be Coda Gordon. He plays for Swift Current and in his rookie season put up 30g 23a +2 in 66gp. Being a plus on that team is impressive.
    aka Tedenby21

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    A good goalie for the later rounds would be Matt Murray. He will probably be the 4th goalie taken after Vasilevski, Subban, and Dansk.
    aka Tedenby21

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    I know no one probably cares but here's my updated mock as of the current standings.

    1. Columbus – Yakupov
    2. Edmonton – Murray
    3. Montreal – Grigorenko
    4. Minnesota – Galchenyuk
    5. Toronto – Forsberg
    6. New York Islanders – Dumba
    7. Anaheim – Trouba
    8. Carolina – Reinhart
    9. Tampa Bay – Ceci
    10. Winnipeg – Rielly
    11. Calgary – Collberg
    12. Buffalo – Faksa
    13. Washington (Colorado) – Aberg
    14. Washington – Maatta
    15. San Jose – Gaunce
    16. Dallas – Pouliot
    17. Ottawa – Koekkoek
    18. Phoenix– Girgensons
    19. New Jersey – Teravainen
    20. Chicago – Finn
    21. Tampa Bay (Detroit) – Vasilevski
    22. Buffalo (Nashville) – Lindholm
    23. Philadelphia– Skjei
    24. Pittsburgh – Hertl
    25. Florida* – Wilson
    26. Columbus (Los Angeles)* – Bystrom
    27. Boston *– Matteau
    28. Vancouver* – Samuelsson
    29. St. Louis* – Matheson
    30. New York Rangers* – Sissons

    Teravainen is starting to look like he is going to make a last minute push up the rankings. I hope he is around where we are, but it is starting to look less likely. I'd gladly take anyone that is higher on this list though if he isn't available.
    aka Tedenby21

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    I still want Gaunce. He might not end up as a star, but solid depth center/winger is always needed.

    If we re-sign Parise and Josefson continues producing... can you imagine the 3rd line that consists of Coleman, Henrique and Gaunce? Sweet zombie Jeebus.

    There are many players I like in this draft class, sucks that you never know who`s going to make it to the top.

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    I'm hesitant of the Faksa, Gaunce, Girgensons type. They could really pan out and be a huge force. The good thing is usually because of their style they at least become a 3rd line type of player. For me it would depend on who would be available. I'm actually going to make a ranking for the top 30 right now instead of a mock draft since there are selections that are made because of who the team is.

    I'm not sure how helpful this is because there isn't an order but it could be useful to bring up some names you haven't seen.
    aka Tedenby21

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