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Thread: Zach Parise - Will he stay or will he go?

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    I'm in the "if he goes, he goes" camp as well. The Devils have lost better players and better leaders than him before either through trade or through free agency or through injury/sickness. They've survived and they will continue to survive regardless of who is on the team. They might suffer for a few years, but eventually this team will work its way back to being competitive. Management has set a course for this team to follow and, unless the ownership decide to go a different direction, I think that management in the future will continue with the same approach to building a winning team as what Lou has put in place for the team since he started.

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    I think it all comes down to ownership stability.

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    I keep thinking my bills will be just as annoying to pay whether he stays or leaves. But to me, there is no sugarcoating: if he leaves, it's awful for the team, and a huge failure for the organization.

    From what I read, it seems that he really likes DeBoer. So, DeBoer, together with good results this season for the team, will be what could keep him. That's why this season is so important.

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    I remember commenting a while ago that Parise had started to give away the puck un very uncharacteristically ways. Not that I am especially hockey-smart, bit it's funny that I see this quote from the Wall Street Journal article:

    "Finally, Devils coach Peter DeBoer sat Parise down for a tutorial. DeBoer showed him a succession of video clips, which revealed Parise's new tendency to give away the puck. "Pete said, 'If I'm a defender, I'd rather have you throw it away than have you turn your back and hold on to it,'" Parise said. "I don't know if a light went off or what, but I thought, 'That makes sense.'""

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    I realize JP Parise is an NHL alumnus, but how many other fathers have spoken to the media about their NHL sons' contract status and have had the result be positive for the team attempting to retain said player?

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    TGfireandice Tom Gulitti
    Zach Parise: “I’ve said before, I’ve always liked to play in New Jersey. I want to stay here and nothing has changed.”

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    I think he's gone barring CBA complications drying up the market. And I don't think it has anything to do with him, I think the Devils made their decision two years ago, especially if they knew about their financial situation blowing up. If they couldn't come up with anything last July, it's hard to believe they'll come up with anything this July with competition.

    Especially with the $11M years kicking it, if they have to budget, or go into league stewardship to set up a bankruptcy sale, you can forget about it.

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    This makes me think that he is looking at other teams and weighing his options. Hopefully he decides that the Devils are in as good of shape going forward as any of the other teams, so why not stay? My heart is telling me he's gone, though.

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    I wonder how many people will still be bragging about Kovy's cap hit if/when the insane cash he's getting paid the next 6 years keeps us from retaining Parise. The two of them make $12M this year, the next 5 years Kovalchuk makes over $11M alone. But I'm just a hater.

    I do think we have a good chance of keeping him if we somehow get a new owner with deep pockets in the next few months.

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    If he goes he goes. I don't care anymore at this point. Whatever he wants to do he can do it, wont bother me one way or another.
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