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Thread: Zach Parise - Will he stay or will he go?

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    I think Parise came back and found a guy who is on his line that plays a similar game to what he played but is younger and another guy who plays best when someone feeds him for a fast break or for the big shot, so he adapted his game and has become more of a puck distributor than a garbage goal scorer.
    I never thought of it like that, interesting take. If this is the case he is going to make less money overall and even more of a reason to keep him for being an ultimate team player. I am a fan of his obviously...I am just not sure what our chances are versus what he is worth.
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    To know what Parise is thinking, I just have to think like Parise!

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    Lamoriello to NYPost:“Everybody can do all the speculating they want. But I can assure you, we’re here to win and we will do what it takes.”

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    Yeah, it's not happening. It wasn't happening last year either, probably wasn't happening two years ago, but you don't want to harp on those kinds of things on HF. People get annoyed.

    I don't see how they can be around on 7/1 to throw around money. Necessitating upfront money to sign a deal will automatically eliminate the Devils. Is he going to take 1-6 again? And can we even afford that? Part of getting near the floor, if that is necessary, would be letting him go and getting Brodeur to play for far less if he doesn't retire. That's the easiest way to keep things intact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getzo5 View Post
    He needs to shut his mouth.
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    What kind of nutball sits through interviews to source out comments. I'm guessing he didn't actually say anything untrue, but this is just part of the build towards the inevitable.

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    If he leaves I won't be mad at Parise, I'll be mad at Lou. Granted there is probably a lot that we don't know about that is going on, the fact that he refuses to negotiate during the season is ludicrous. If we lose Zach we better be confident that we can get Suter.
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    I sold my Parise jersey like a week after he signed that one year deal last summer, so I'm ready. It would suck balls if he signed with the Rags but it wouldn't surprise me at all. If I were a UFA this year the Rangers would be near the top of my list.

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