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    Quote Originally Posted by Clarkson Falls Down View Post
    The Patty snub on Sykora is the funniest thing ever but totally deserved. I woulda hunted down Larsson and gave him a kiss after that pass.
    As soon as it happened, I was like man, I guess he hates Sykora now, because he has to be on a line with him at all times.

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    the funny thing is that after HF spazzout number #583472, entitled CALL UP KINKAID!.... they've won two consecutive 2-1 games. guess they should have called up Kinkaid

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    Infractions for talking about HF. It makes my head hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilsfanatic View Post
    Infractions for talking about HF. It makes my head hurt.
    not when the nutballs that have taken over are totally wrong................ again. I watched the goals over and over again and people were still trying to tell me Moose was bad in Calgary.

    the goalies go as the team goes. they've gotten less stupid the last two nights, goals against have gone down, I watched this team beat everyone in the league with Scott Clemmensen. It's not the goalies. They ain't great, but neither was Clemmer

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    I've learned to ignore it completely. I went to the Devils board yesterday just to see who they made a mod, and saw Dave was one again lol. They'll believe what they want to believe. Somehow, last year is completely out of their memory even though it's essentially the same team. They should be thrilled they're not fighting Carolina for last, but actually have a strong foothold in the playoff race. Don't like how they're so close to everyone, I know it'll come down to the tiebreaker then we're really screwed.

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    Not everything was pretty about Elias’ winning goal. After the puck went in, Sykora went to embrace him in celebration, but Elias had his eyes on Larsson instead and dodged his longtime friend. Sykora missed and fell face down to the ice.

    “I guess Patty was excited about the pass, so he was going to Lars and I thought he was going to celebrate with me and, obviously, gave me the look-away,” Sykora said. “I think it was kind of funny I fell down.”

    “We’ve got to get a tape of it,” Elias said, laughing. “On the bench he goes, ‘I’m not sitting next to you.’”
    I can't get over how much fun this team is having this season.
    aka Tedenby21

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    LOL I didn't realize Sykora fell down right away.

    Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Jerry wins the race and knocks over Elaine to get to his girlfriend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimEIV View Post
    I wonder if I'll get to see a healthy Devil team at any point this season?
    I'm hoping somewhere arount the end of March / beginning of April at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingman77 View Post
    I had that idea develop in my head after that goal was scored so I made the video lol.......might make one for the Kovy OT goal against the Pens last year......the "GET UP!!" goal

    hahaha somebody posted this in the thread about it on the main board also

    Haha that's amazing that people were thinking the same thing. Patty laughing at Sykora on the bench was great too.

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