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Thread: Where does Mattias Tedenby stand with the Devils?

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    I would really like to see Henrique-Elias-Zajac-Josefson down the middle. We could actually have secondary scoring and defense.
    aka Tedenby21

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    I don't know if 4th line duty is good for him. But John Madden did it.

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    As long as he has competent linemates I see no problem with it. It would take some pressure off the top lines, especially in the 3rd period.
    aka Tedenby21

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    That's the problem, don't know if he'll get good linemates.

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    It will ultimately come down to if they can be healthy.

    aka Tedenby21

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    Doubt Teddy comes back this season. That does look pretty good though.

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    A man can dream, but Boulton will probably be there instead for some stupid reason.
    aka Tedenby21

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    Boulton scores hat tricks.

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    Only against Marty
    aka Tedenby21

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    Didn't he do it against Moose? I think Moose should start on Tuesday.

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