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Thread: Where does Mattias Tedenby stand with the Devils?

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    I thought it was against Marty. And yes I would like Moose to start the next game.
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    Here is the issue with Tedenby going forward. How long will Deboer be the coach? Let's say he goes to Albany and gets his confidence and develops a bit to where he is called up again next year. If Deboer is still the coach how is he going to be used? First impressions are often lasting and that likely means 4th line with scrubs and 5 minutes a night.

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    Sometimes I don't understand DeBoer's decisions. It's like he has a cookie cutter plan for his team and if you don't fit in in a certain place you get left out. You have to mold your team around your players.
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    DeBoer is gonna be coach for a long time. Teddy needs to refine his game.

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    He's only 21. He'll get another chance in camp next year. Parise, Sykora, and Poni are all free agents, I doubt we keep all of them. I wouldn't be shocked at all if he were traded in the future, but at this point his stock is pretty low.

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    They have to keep him when Parise takes off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devilsfanatic View Post
    They have to keep him when Parise takes off.
    My thoughts are that if they ever do use Tedenby as trade bait it wont be until after the Parise "situation" is decided one way or another.
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