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Thread: ITT: your favorite non-Devils plays

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    Bump for a sick fucking snipe from Grabovski.

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    aka Tedenby21

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    don't think I've posted in here yet....


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    What's this list for? Favorite non-devils players?

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    fav non devils player for me is hard to choose its def between getzy/datsy/marian hostess cupcakes and a few others

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    I have like 60-80 favorite players around the league (1st/2nd/3rd/4th liners, PMD, SAH D, G, every team has at least one or two). Very hard for me to pick just a few but Hossa, Bergeron and Eriksson should be the top3 (as of now) with Toews being the crush, Iginla being the most-liked player and Datsyuk being the role-model/best player overall/most exciting player to watch.

    Enstrom and Kronwall on D, witch Letang being the crush, Doughty being the best player overall, Karlsson being the most exciting player to watch and Lidstrom being the legend. lol

    Rask and Pavelec in net, with Varlamov being the crush, Quick being the best goalie overall and Thomas being the most exciting player to watch.

    Other notable players: Eberle, Getzlaf, Benn, Ryan, Wheeler, Nash, Couture, Selanne, E.Kane, Suter, Doan, Sobotka, Weber, S.Thornton, Oshie, Kopitar, Koivu (both), Morrow, Krejci, Backes, Alfredsson, McGinn, Callahan, McGinn, Fiddler, Korpikoski, Brown, Sbisa,... it`s a mix.

    Guys you hate (or used to hate) and love at the same time: Kesler, Williams, Ribeiro and Perry

    If I was an NHL player, I`d probably be like Mike Richards. Two players I`ve always wanted to see in a Devils uniform: Miro Satan (guess why haha) and Maxim Lapierre, because he looks like a devil/plays like a devil. lol


    Original six - Bruins

    Original six - Chicago
    + Detroit, have a ton of respect for them

    I also like the Coyotes (location, jerseys, personnel, coaching, management) and Avalanche (jerseys and personnel) , plus currently I`m rooting for the Jets (obvious reasons).
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    Forsberg and Selanne.
    aka Tedenby21

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