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Thread: Zidlicky to Devils?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonbonds View Post
    The arena is probably why they are having money issues. Aren't the Devils having a hard time refinancing their debt? Most of it must have come from the new arena building expenses.
    Bingo, and they're not paying the debt either, apparently. It's like when you don't pay your CC bills and now you're flush with cash. Which is why they can operate. Well, you can't do that forever. From what I've heard, the date has past already where they had to give their plan.
    We shall see if that was true or not, probably pretty soon because they can't keep leaks down in this story. If they have no plan or their plan is not satisfactory, JVB is done.

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    The $$ thing is a funny situation. You have a partner who is unhappy and wants out, he's not going to keep paying the debt out of his own pocket that he's trying to get rid of - but for whatever reason he can't - be it JVB, the league, or the lack of a suitable partner that JVB is agreeing to - I'm not sure

    Essentially it's like saying "Yeah I'm gonna sell this brand new car for 30,000 bucks, I paid 60,000 and have put down 20,000 on it, so **** off if you think I'm paying my next 20,000 down on it, when I can still only get 30,000 for it"

    That's dumbing it down a lot I'm sure, and there's obviously other factors we are not seeing, but I assure you the problem is NOT "There's no money in the bank"

    The money is there, but the people holding it just dont want to pay up right now

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    Wild scouts at the Devils game tonight. Also scouts from 9 other teams. Have to think thats a big reason why Palmieri is in the lineup tonight.
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    I hope he scores some garbage goals (see: Boston game) then.

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    I hope he has a nine goal game.

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    don't forget they will be scouting the ducks too
    aka Tedenby21

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    They're in the NJ press box. Seems like everyone wants something from us.

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    i still think that goofy looking ************ has a lot of potential

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