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Thread: GDT: 3/1/12 Evils At Ruins 7:00 o'clocko PM

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    aka Tedenby21

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    Forsberg is easily my favorite non-Devil of all time
    aka Tedenby21

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    Pretty much. Definitely one of. Datsyuk and Kariya are right up there for me too.

    Damn injuries.

    EDIT: Add Sakic, Modano, Doan and Iginla in the mix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinnie View Post
    Predicting a win tomorrow with Hedberg in net so HF can bump the bench Brodeur thread.
    You sir are an oracle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonbonds View Post
    So did Forsberg hook you up? Did you say hello? I usually leave famous people alone when I see them and just gawk frequently.
    Yeah, I left him alone, just sneakpeaking at him all the time, lol. Him and a buddy were going to London for the weekend to watch an Arsenal game, apparently he's an Arsenal fan.

    At one point he needed a landline, he was constantly checking his iPad and phone, so he asked one of the servers if he could use the hotel's phone just next to there. So he did, and then later when they were leaving, he was standing there. His friends was like "come on, we need to go" but Forsberg said, "no, wait". And then finally, that server came out so he went and thanked her, then they could leave. That was pretty nice. And no, it was not some hot chick, it was an old lady. He just seemed so completely normal, non-full-of-himself kind of type.

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    Arsenal was playing at Liverpool today. I doubt he`s a Gunners fan. Many Swedes are Liverpool fans, even Loui Eriksson is.

    Foppa is a great human being, you could sense that from his behavior/interviews. Good to hear you confirm the fact.

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