GDT 3/23 Dovals at Lerfs: Return of Trav edition?

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Thread: GDT 3/23 Dovals at Lerfs: Return of Trav edition?

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    GDT 3/23 Dovals at Lerfs: Return of Trav edition?

    idk i might be behind on the news but i didnt see anything that tg had posted. oh well.


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    oh my god i wish i could go back and read some of the **** leafs fans were posting on the main board a few months ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by onefatsurfer View Post
    henrique has got to get it going again. same with larsson

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    the Leafs stink. need to take these points

    hope to see Trav tonight. ease him in against a **** opponent.

    keep everyone healthy.

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    Problem with putting Trav in against the leafs is that they're a pretty fast team. I don't want Zajac to over-stress his leg the first game back.

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    As good a game as ever to break out of this scoring funk.

    Trav ain't playing tonight
    I came in peace.

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    This is Travis, and Bob. And I'm sorry dear, but I didn't get your last name?

    Uh, it's head, and my first name is Butt.

    Yeah, Travis and Bob Head.

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    I am having a week from hell at work this week. Win to make my life better!
    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

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