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    World Hockey Championshops

    Well, no wondering which Devils will go.........yet.

    Here's Canada so far:

    F: Getzlaf, Perry, Tavares, Eberle, Kane,

    D: Phaneuf (barf), Subban, Bouwmeester, Methot

    Awaiting decision: Stamkos who is looking likely, but not 100% JUST yet

    Probably will be there: Benn, R. O'Reilly, Ladd, Skinner, Eric Staal

    HC: Lindy Ruff

    Not a bad looking initial group of guys who accepted. Wish Phaneuf wasn't there. He can soil the Leaf I don't cheer for all he wants, but when he soils the Leaf I do care about, that's when I get pissed.

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    The women world championships is being held at UVM. I think it starts today or in the next couple of days. When I left the gym today there were some people talking in what sounded like Russian to me. Maybe I'll get to meet some of these ladies Also, I wonder if this girl that I used to take goalie lessons with is on the USA team. She used to be sponsored by Marty and she probably still is. All of her equipment had M.Brodeur on it.
    aka Tedenby21

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    am i drunk?

    holy blur batman

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    sorry, it was right after racquetball and i couldn't really hold my phone still
    aka Tedenby21

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    Suckmeester? They`re fucked.

    Hedman confirmed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Doom View Post
    sorry, it was right after racquetball and i couldn't really hold my phone still
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    We were good this year, who cares

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    USA initials

    Fowler, Goligoski, Jack Johnson, Gerbe, Okposo, Pacioretty, Ryan, Stastny, Faulk.

    Goalie: Richard Bachman

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    Why is Stephen King playing goalie for the US hockey team?

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    Ruff declines HC position for Canada. I expect Kirk Muller will get a look.

    USA Hockey is hoping one of Howard, Anderson, Quick, Thomas, Schneider get knocked out to be their #1. All the best American goalies are in the playoffs.

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    Thanks for the updates DF, appreciated. Don`t have much time for it atm.

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