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Thread: I like swearing, so we're moving: new board link inside

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clarkson Falls Down View Post
    I ****ed up. I signed up but accidentally changed my skin to this Winnipeg this that is really annoying and I can't post and I can't get rid of it. DF you gotta tell someone to fix it for me lol
    I'll take care of it.

    That'll teach you. Never go to Winnipeg.

    It was designed to torture trolls.

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    wait wha haappa? i just got here.

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    I just got two infractions for the same incident on hfboards lol That makes a lot of sense

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    You guys don't have to leave, I was playing around with some features on the site and that one got left on by accident. A simple email would have solved this problem. I know you guys like to have your freedom to speak your mind and I welcome that.

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